My Reply to “Dear Personal Trainer”

My Reply to "Dear Personal Trainer"

A few months ago a friend of mine, Aimee Holland wrote a brilliant blog post called "Dear Personal Trainer"

In it she very honestly opens up & asks a potential trainer to understand her needs:

  • I need you to reach out and tell me it’s going to be ok.
  • I need you to understand that it’s not easy for me.
  • I need you to make this really, really simple.
  • I need you to hold my hand one step at a time
  • I need you to meet me where I’m at.


    & what scares her about the pt's or "fitness guys" in general:

    It was such a raw, open and honest post from a woman that just wants to get in shape, but is put off by the industry that's meant to help her... how ironic.

    "Showing me your chiseled abs just makes me feel even more shit about myself.

    Posting pictures about your super efficient meal prep when I struggle to put together one healthy meal overwhelms me.

    Videos of your PB or insane training routine make me want to run for the hills.

    You confuse the shit out of me with all the conflicting advice around ‘nutrition’ carb loading, meal timings, macros and I still haven’t a clue if I should eat carbs or not."

    So I wanted to take the time & write a response to Aimee, & all the other "Aimee's" in the world:

    Dear Aimee,

    I know you know that you need to eat better, that you should have trained more & feel pretty shit about yourself right now.

    But I’m not here to make you feel worse or judge you.

    Yes I understand there is a flood of “fitspiration” people on Instagram and Facebook & to be honest… I can’t stand them either. I get that rather than inspiring, understanding and helping people they just make people feel bad and more intimated.

    There are trainers & coaches out there - like me, that are more concerned about helping people like you rather than showing off his abs for cheap “likes” .

    I will say one thing about other trainers (& play devils advocate) - this is all they are told when they have done their qualifications. Most pt’s will have done an 8 week course, that’s it. They know no better, they have no marketing know how, they have no idea on how to speak to people and they think that they need to be seen as “the example” or “the standard”.

    They don’t realise that the very thing they think they should be doing is the thing that is driving you away.

    So rather than be scared of them… just see them for what they are… excitable puppies that are just cutting their teeth.

    I know you’re anxious, nervous & wary of it all, but know this

    • It will be ok
    • I’m not here to judge
    • I will make this simple
    • I am here to guide & support you along this journey.
    • I will meet you where you are right now & go from there.
    • & as much as I will big you up & encourage you, I also won’t accept you’re tried and tested excuses.

    This is a new you. A you that will

    • will feel amazing naked,
    • turn heads
    • buy sexy clothes

    You are a rockstar, you got this… I just need you to start believing this!



    “The trainer that refuses to show his abs to inflate his ego”

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