Pre fight nerves

Pre fight nerves

7:00 pm (2 hours before my fight) – Rock up to the stadium. Pretty decent crowd so far, 5000 capacity, must be half full already to watch the amateurs and rookies. Pit of anxiety in my stomach is there but I keep my deadpan facade.

7:30 pm (1.5 hours before my fight) – I’m in the changing room with the lads. Chatting, bantering helping my coach to get them focused. I’m using this as a distraction from my own nerves to be honest.

8:00 pm (1 hour before my fight) – I head out to the main stadium to see the crowd. It’s packed! I see my mates – all boozed up, rowdy wishing me well and taking the piss at the same time, not helpful. I see my family, mother and sister sick with nerves, even less helpful. My father and grandfather, stoic, old skool men, they give me a reassuring nod… very helpful and calming, exactly what I needed. Time to get ready.

8:30 pm (30 min before my fight) – Warmed up, hands wrapped, hoodie up, earphones in. Trying to not get too excited/nervous and over stimulate. Trying to resist the urge to go for what seems like my 100th nervous shit. Gloves go on, show time!

9:00 pm (Fight time) – Entrance music plays (fat boy slim, right here, right now), lights low, stadium buzzing, the beat drops, lights go up I walk in, stadium explodes – go time!

This was pretty much my usual pre fight routine and ever since I have a learned response to big events, the pre “fight” nerves.

Right now, I have that same response for my first Live for the 5 Day Challenge tonight.

I’m nervous, excited, anxious… a whole bunch of things tbh. I want to deliver as much help as I can as some of the things you guys have shared with me within the group and privately really resonate with me.

Like my fighting days, I know I’ve done the work, I know I’m ready, I know I can deliver

See you tonight!


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