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Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Read This

Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Want You To Read This…

I’m sure this post may get a few trainer’s knickers in a twist – but I don’t create content for other trainers… I create content for people that I want to help… so if you’re a trainer that gets upset by this… rather than posting an angry reply, ask yourself why you’re offended.

So without further ado… my current list on “How to Know if You Need to Sack Your Personal Trainer”

1 – Social Media Warriors

If they consistently rant and rave on social media about Herbalife/juice-plus/any other popular diet systems. Yes of course I don’t agree with these either, but posting inane comments slating them isn’t helping anyone. All it’s doing is making people feel stupid about buying them and confusing people as to what they should or shouldn’t do. Ps. I’m aware of the potential irony here. –

2 – Training/Diet Zealots

Force a certain diet/training system on you. It’s called personal training…. personal being the operative word. Understanding a your lifestyle from work, family life and other commitments is imperative when creating a new way of eating and training. Telling you to follow a generic diet like kept, paleo, intermittent fasting etc is lazy and uneducated. –

3 – Wanna be #InstaFamous Attention Seekers

If they post an endless stream of topless selfies and butt selfies aka belfies. I take nothing away from the work and dedication it takes to get to single digit body fat levels – I’ve done it countless times and it’s tough. But posting nothing but body pics shows two things… 1 – they have anything of interest to say and 2 – probably just self obsessed and more interested about getting noticed by protein companies than going the extra mile for you! So take your soft porn photos and go and get social validation somewhere else… although your pretty to look at… your boring!

4 – They’re Just Not Good Enough

I have become more selective about who I work with, because I want to be able to guarantee my clients results – if I think the person isn’t in a position to commit or not fully bought in to the process then I won’t work with them. Most trainers will train anyone that is willing to open their wallets – which is why they have a much lower percentage of clients that have improved.

5 – Keep Taking You’re Money

If you are not learning anything, run a mile! This is something I am hugely passionate about… teaching my clients WHY they are doing certain things as well as HOW. My ultimate aim for my clients is not to get them to a goal and see them off into the sunset (or keep them long term and rinse them for more money) but to do myself out of a job. From mobility/activation drills to executing perfect technique on movements to eating habits I teach them as much as I can so they can carry on using this info long after we work together. A trainer that just smashes you for an hour a few times a week is as good as a youtube video.

6 – Aren’t Taking the Time To Understand You

If they don’t learn more about the people they want to help. I’ve never been fat, in fact quite the opposite, I was the skinny gangly kid. And although I help clients build muscle, the majority of my efforts is on fat loss. But fat loss is just far more about the physical, about macros, training splits etc. It’s about psychology, it’d about the clients feelings, how the feel about themselves, how they feel when they fuck up and yes this may sound airy fairy, but that last couple of years I have dedicates most of my continual studying on how to approach, understand and change the psychology of my clients.

7 – They’re Just too into Themselves 

They talk more about themselves than do listen to you. Bad enough I’m tarred with the same brush as the other self absorbed “bruh’s” but them using your time to talk about themselves is unforgivable. This is your time, you should be maxing it out with a great training session.
Getting into online arguments. I cannot think of a bigger waste of time than arguing with someone else online. Rather than having some back and forth about diet or training and trying to 1 up each other, why can’t they put that time and energy into helping someone? Even if it’s for free! Letting someone that isn’t paying you money take up so much of your mental capacity is utter madness. Plus, if they have the time to respond to every arsey comment they receive online… they obviously have more time than clients.

What I wanted to achieve from this piece is not to rant about other trainers or to make myself sound superior – there are tons of excellent coaches I see online, some of who I have the pleasure of working with. I wanted this piece to be educational and helpful to people that already have a PT and to those who are thinking of hiring one.

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