Man this past week had been rough.

Overwhelm hit me like a bus – motherfucker came from nowhere too, or at least that’s how it felt.

I’m annoyed at myself as all the warning signs were there but I ignored them –

  • Withdrawing into myself
  • Abandoning my basics (daily meditation, movement & water)
  • Being “busy” but not productive
  • Procrastination
  • Not being present (especially with my Mrs)

The upside is that I caught myself before I went too down that rabbit hole (something I’ve done far too many times in my life)
I’ve learned coping mechanisms, tools and techniques to keep me in a good headspace.

I wouldn’t say I suffer with mental health issues or that I’m prone to them but I’m certainly proactive with it, because a good headspace impacts EVERY area of your life.

You see, that’s what I want this new group to be… a place where you get access to the tools and resources you need for long term back health.

I don’t just tell you do to… I teach you.

Teach a man to fish type thing.

If I’m honest, the group is up and ready to go, I even recorded more master classes over the weekend on Kyphosis (the rounded shoulder posture) and since I got such amazing feedback and interest on the posture analysis I did for Matt within the group I am looking into making that a separate (or maybe a joint offering) as well.

Ok, now that I say that, I am going to open it up tomorrow and give the first week FREE (by saying that now, I am forcing myself to do it)
Right, I’m off to get everything set up and do a few dummy runs so that it all works!

Have a good day brother!

Alan “fuck you Overwhelm” O’Mahony

About the Author

Hi, I'm Alan, and not sure whether or not to write this is the 3rd person. When I'm not helping my clients create the most amazing and profound fat loss and mindset transformations, I'm usually found teaching my Border Collie (Bertie) new tricks.