The Ultimate 12 week program for busy men to lose their belly & get your body, energy & confidence back


Guys, This won't take long (I know you're busy)

I think I know why you’re here. You’re not happy. Life is - mostly - good. Work is going well, you’ve got a solid group of friends, you’re confident in your relationship.

But… what about your body?

Be honest.

Would you go shirtless on a lad’s holiday?

Do you get naked with your other half without a second thought?

Are you proud of how you look?

Or are you self-conscious, not to mention wiped out, stressed, and (hate to admit it) a bit weak most of the time?

Keep reading.

This is something you need to get involved in.

Sick of feeling overweight, out of shape & exhausted?

Tired of making excuses? 

It's time to make a real commitment to yourself. 

Leaner, Fitter, Faster is a 4-month-long coaching program for busy,  out of shape men who are ready to make a REAL change in their life. To LOOK better, FEEL better, increase ENERGY and to make you A BETTER MAN!

I know that you want to change. You need motivation, the willpower, the time and the knowledge that what you're about to do works!

In this workout plan for men I will be holding high standards for you to elevate and level up to be the Man You NEED To Become to have the body, energy and mindset you desire.

Time To Take Control Of Your Weight & Fitness - And Get Visible Results


Hey mate, Alan here...

I see you ... full speed ahead, building your career, long and tiring workdays, feeling the anxiety of never being "caught up," and running on the hamster wheel to keep your machine going.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

On top of that?

Whether you know it or not, you're stepping into a completely new version of yourself, a lot of the times you don't notice it and wonder how the hell did you end up with so many aches, pains, extra weight and so much more unfit.

Unfortunately, none of this is going anywhere, and you're craving coaching from someone who gets it and support from a community of men working on changing themselves, just as you are.


3 Reasons Busy Guys Need A Different Approach

“Diets” Don’t Work

Stop Wasting Time On Calorie Counting & Macros

All diets have one thing in common - a calorie deficit. You do NOT need to count calories, cut out foods, or eat anything weird. Who has time for that anyway?

Let me show you simple ways to create a calorie deficit without driving yourself (or your partner!) mad.

You Need To Train Smarter

Less Is More - But Only If You Know How

Maybe you had time for daily workouts in your 20s. Back then it didn’t matter if you went to the gym at 6pm and got home two hours later, grabbing some food on the way home. You can’t do that now. Maybe you’ve got a family, you need to prepare for a meeting, or pack for a flight in the morning. Start training smarter - with shorter sessions that get it all done.

Will Power Is A Myth

This is a hard one for guys to admit, but it’s true. We’ve been conditioned to think about will power all wrong.

When you want to lose weight, get back into training, or re-programme your habits, you need accountability. 

Basically, you need a mate - but one who’s an expert in men’s health and fitness.

Introducing, Leaner Fitter Faster

The perfect solution for busy men wanting to get in shape, what you get...

Members Only

Leaner, Fitter, Faster Private App

  • Training plans and nutrition advice delivered via the app
  • All resources and materials are yours to keep after the programme
  • Private Facebook group with Q&A sessions, videos, and all questions answered

The Heart & Soul

Leaner, Fitter, Faster Group Support

  • Private, closed Facebook group exclusively for guys with the same goal
  • Share stories, seek advice, ask questions, get support - from people like you
  • Regular access to me for Q&As, videos, support and more

Eat Like A Man

Leaner, Fitter, Faster Nutrition

  • Learn how to change your eating habits for simple fat loss
  • Advice on eating out and eating on the go
  • No weird ingredients or diet foods
  • Hearty, healthy food your family 

Train Like A Warrior

Leaner, Fitter, Faster Training

  • Fat loss and muscle gain training plan
  • Personalised training workout plans for men that progress as you do
  • Combine cardio, strength training, and mobility in each workout


Member Results

Nick  - 34 - IT Consultant

Asef- 31 - Doctor

James -  33 - Recruitment

The Men I'm Looking For:

  1. 1
    Are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Men that are wanting to change to improve their health, their fitness and their lives.
  2. 2
    Are committed. 100% commitment, 100% of the time! If you can commit to a football team since your childhood then you can commit to yourself and your goals for 16 weeks!
  3. 3
    Are willing to do the uncomfortable work. Not just training, but looking inwards, discovering limiting beliefs and being brave enough to face them and change them
  4. 4
    Are open-minded and coachable. "Know it alls" are not welcome here, this is a community of hardworking, open-minded men that are willing to learn and change - if you don't fit the bill, see you later!
What You Get!

Ideal for the man who's ready to go




  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Fun Challenges
  • Accountability
  • My private app
  • The Ultimate group coaching Experience
  • Step by step, day by day support
  • Realistic & Effective training
  • Food that you'll love & burn fat

This Is The Group I Wish I'd Had.

Working with coach's and joining groups can get tricky, especially online.

How do you know that you'll really stick to it? or will it work, OR... is it even worth it?

How do you get the support from friends and family on this journey to make sure this and you are a success?

See, the thing is, when I was a pro fighter I felt so isolated and "cut off" from my friends and family.--They just didn't get it

I wasn't down the pub with my mates on the weekend getting smashed, I was dieting to make weight for fights (having an Irish mammy made this much more difficult), I was either training in my club or in the gym training. 

And what I really needed along the way? A mentor to let me know I wasn't crazy, that this is completely freaking normal, and how this would benefit me in so many other areas of my life.

Not one thing is easier than the other.

An online program isn't easier than an in-person retreat, and a course isn't easier than a group coaching program.

Sometimes, we just need guidance as we try things on for size--because these decisions can be big, and to pull it off? Requires us to GO ALL IN with it.

I want to be there for you, while you go all in on your transformation--be the realistic, supportive, empathetic, and objective coach you need while you do it.

I want to give you every strategy and tool you'd need, while also making sure you'll never need me or any other coach again.

You deserve to fulfil your potential, and you deserve support from a community of men who will inspire you along your journey.