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"This was so Helpful"

"I needed something that was easy for me to follow and to help with my aches and pains (I'm super stiff). This workout was exactly what I needed"

- Lee Cairn

"Eating on the Go"

"Eating on the go was always a problem for me, grabbing what ever was the nearest thing on the shelf in Tescos. This meal plan showed me how I can manage that better as well as giving me great options"

- Scott Murphy

"Finally, got Myself Motivated"

"I was in the constant cycle of starting and stopping - I was never motivated to get stick to anything. Alan's motivation guide was great at helping me build motivation to get myself in shape and stick to it"

- Tom Hindes


Hey mate...

I'm Alan O'Mahony - a fat loss expert that specialises in working with men over 30. I have set a target for myself, to positively impact the health and lives of over 1 million men by 2021.

One way of doing this was that I created 3 guides to help you feel better, look better and think better.

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