Dr. Alan O’Mahony

Dr. Alan O’Mahony

Good morning

When I finished my Msc I was very tempted to do a PhD – Dr. Alan O’Mahony had a nice ring to it.

But at that point I was pretty burned out from being in full time education for 7 years and another 3 didn’t appeal to me.

Plus, for what I wanted to do at the time, it wouldn’t have benefited me or my clients, so I didn’t see the point.

Some time back, I made an analogy on a post saying, if you have an issue with back pain, being overweight or your health in general, it’s similar to having an open wound.

The longer you leave it, the worse it’s gonna get.

That’s why I was never a fan of one size fits all training plans, detox’s, cleanses, “miracle treatments” or silver bullet exercises and routines.

IF they work (and that’s a big IF) it is for a very short time.

No understanding of underlying causes
No context
No reasoning as to WHY you are doing what your doing
& of course, No accountability, support and help.

They’re a band aid when stitches are needed.

In my 5 Day Challenge I’m going to deliver as much understanding around what you will be doing, not just what you will be doing… it is the first of many stitches needed.

After the challenge, if more are needed, then Dr Alan (not a doctor) can help you with that too.

I’ll be posting up in the group the itinerary for how the week will go and what you can expect.

Keep an eye out for it brother,

Alan (Dr. O’Mahony does sound cool) O’Mahony

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Hi, I'm Alan, and not sure whether or not to write this is the 3rd person. When I'm not helping my clients create the most amazing and profound fat loss and mindset transformations, I'm usually found teaching my Border Collie (Bertie) new tricks.