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Pre fight nerves

Pre fight nerves 7:00 pm (2 hours before my fight) – Rock up to the stadium. Pretty decent crowd so far, 5000 capacity, must be half full already to watch the amateurs and rookies. Pit of anxiety in my stomach is there but I keep my deadpan facade. 7:30 pm (1.5 hours before my fight) – I’m […]

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Dr. Alan O’Mahony

Dr. Alan O’Mahony Good morning When I finished my Msc I was very tempted to do a PhD – Dr. Alan O’Mahony had a nice ring to it. But at that point I was pretty burned out from being in full time education for 7 years and another 3 didn’t appeal to me. Plus, for […]

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Bad Mentors

Bad Mentors A few years ago I invested in a business mentor. He promised me all the things I’ve secretly wanted – 100’s of 1000’s in the bank, Clients throwing money at me, working 10 hours per week (that part never really appealed to me tbh), but here’s the real kicker… I confided to him […]

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