Want to be active & pain free? Eliminate your back Pain for good!

If getting off the couch is turning into an Olympic event, & pain is stopping you from doing the things you love... this is for you.

When It Comes To back Pain There Are Two Truth's ...

1 - All back pain has a cause.

2 - The cause of your back pain is never your lower backs fault.

It can be numerous things: bad posture, sciatica, bulging discs, poor body mechanics, muscular imbalances, poor functioning muscles & over acting muscles. Simply put, pain is a symptom, not a cause. Whatever the cause may be, it’s likely that something you've been doing has led you to this point… which means you also have the power to reverse and fix it.

Over my years of teaching, coaching it is safe to say that 9/10 times I have a client with lower back issues, it's not the lower backs fault. The core reason for the pain usually starts somewhere else. This means that your pain is the symptom, not the cause.

"But My Doctor Told Me To Strengthen It"

Yeah, I hear that a lot.

The problem here is that working it more is very likely to make it worse.

It's already overworked, that's why it's sore, tight and perhaps even in spasm.

"OK, I'll rest it then"

I understand why that might seem like the solution, but since you’re not fixing the root cause, I wouldn’t recommend it.

You rest up on the couch, stop playing sport, stop going to the gym & generally avoid the things we thought caused it in the first place

But rest and avoidance won't solve it because once we go back to doing what we did before, the problems come back again.

You are now in a vicious cycle of activity - pain - rest.

Activity - The training/sports/movements you love doing...

Are causing you pain & you stop doing them, makes you miserable...

You then rest up and feel better, but don't fix the root cause & go back to activity again.

"& My Physio Told Me To Do This Exercise"

"According to a study in the BMJ 2019, Zadro, O'Keefe & Maher - only 54% of physical therapists chose to recommend treatments for their patients. Which means that you have a 50/50 chance of relying one some decent to fix your back pain.

Imagine This...

It's 7am on a Monday morning. You roll over as your alarm goes off and the familiar aches and pains in your back are there. You sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes waiting for the pain to subside... huh it’s not s bad as normal.

You pop the kettle on, and start getting the breakfast ready.

It's now 8:04 am & you're feeling unstoppable as you walk around getting ready for the day. You're charged up, slept well and pain free - great start to the day.

The next moment the chaos of normal life for a dad kicks in. You get a football and have a kick around out the back. You notice your running around and moving with the greatest of ease. Ok... your fitness isn't great, but if you are able to keep moving like this, then you will definitely go back to the gym and maybe play 5's with the lads during the week or maybe to the gym.

You stop for lunch, sitting down was normally the relief you needed from your sore back, but today it feels fine, in fact it feels great. Your smiling having fun with the kids, great mood with your wife. Gone is the anxiety and fear that you used to have - and in their place is a relief and a confidence that you can start living like this every day. It's never been this easy or felt so good!

Then at the end of the day, you sit down to watch a film. Cosying up on the couch with the Mrs. This is something you haven't done in so long as the position would normally cause so much pain. It’s nice, you feel connected, close, intimate.

You think to yourself "I am such a better, more present dad and husband when I'm not pained"

Sound too good to be true? It's not, trust me.

  • All back pain has a cause. Let's fix the root problem.
  • It's not your lower backs fault. From first-hand experience and coaching 1000s of men lower I've discovered that lower back pain is the symptom, not the cause.
  • Over half of physios do not perform recommended treatments. Your back pain doesn't just affect you or your back. It affects everyone around you, your work & quality of life.
  • Break the old cycle & start creating a new one.  Find out how to move, train and be more active in general whislt building a strong core and a pain free lower back. 

How to start fixing your back pain in just

10 min a day

The trick to fixing your lower back is by finding the right type of activities will benefit you so you can start feeling better. You then want to introduce these intelligently into your daily routine by a method I call graded exposure.

Release - Stretch - Mobilise & Strengthen

Exposing your body to the right amount of movement a day is key. That is why I like to use shorter bouts of exposure so that the muscles, tissue and nervous system can adapt and start viewing movement as a positive not as danger. 

You Need To Re-Train Your Brain

Right now your brain sees movement and exercise as danger, that what you're doing is causing more harm than good. So the brain is going into "self-defence mode" and tightening muscles up as a protection mechanism. Now that you've discovered this, we need to start moving the calms the nervous system down, teaches the brain that what you're doing is safe and then build a platform of core strength and fitness from there. 

Now You Can With

 “Bulletproof Back”

The Perfect Program That for men with "bad backs"

Got Your Back is a membership program that gives you all the tools you need to fix your back pain. You see, I don't just want you to blindly follow some generic program, I want to teach, educate and inspire you to make a full recovery and beyond. In this group I have 100's exercises, mobility drills, masterclasses on injures, posture and the tools and resources to fix your back pain.

  • 1
    90 Day Bulletproof Back Program: My signature 3 phase program designed to eliminate back pain, improve mobility and build core strength.
  • 2
    100's of Exercises: Unlimited access to lectures, workshops, exercises, live workouts and me your  new coach.
  • 3
    With You Every Step of The Way: I will walk you step by step through the process of fixing your back pain - it's having coach  interactively showing how to move optimally.
  • 4
    No Fads or Gimmicks - your back pain has a cause I want to teach and educate you on how to fix it permanently 
  • 5
    Don't Follow, Learn - discover everything you need for your body to keep it pain free & never have to go back to physio

See what others have to say:

"Feel The Benefit Already" - This was after 5 days!

"Really Informative" - After watching masterclass on Lordosis posture

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

My No. 1 priority is to fix your back pain. Which means that I stand by my service 100%, no questions asked, no ifs, but's or maybes and no holds' barred. If you have a problem, I will solve it. Refund it. Send you new socks... (I probably won't send you socks tbh) Whatever it takes. Just reach out to me & I will personally resolve any issues and/or refund you if you are not happy with my service or getting results. Results Guaranteed!



Case Study - Greg

A client named Greg came to me last year. He had been suffering with spasms, sciatica and chronic pain for years now.. He was 38, active,5 aside with e lads and golf on the weekends), but all that had to stop as he was in so much pain.

He was feeling low. He was gaining weight, had no energy and was getting more and more fearful of  exercise & activity as it seemed to make it all worse.

I really felt for him as I knew exactly what he was going through. I showed him my proven game plan for helping him with his back pain that I describe in my Got Your Back Group - and he began to implement it. 

Progress can be slow at the start, which Greg sometimes found frustrating. However, through the community support, education and doing the right exercises, just 3 months later Greg was back playing golf and  going to the gym and 2 months after that Greg was back doing something he'd never be able to do again, playing football.

"Helping with my Pain" - After 5 days

"Attention to my own bad habits" - On awareness of his position in day to day

What's Included & How It All Works

90 Day, Bulletproof Back, Training Plan 

Daily routine of under 10 minutes. Plus more progressive workouts for your back, core and  spine to be done 2-4 times a week. Follow this for 4-6 weeks and improve the function of your spine, glutes & core. This is suitable for all, whether you are a regular trainer or a sedentary individual.

Posture Analysis

Beginning with a detailed posture analysis I will be able to see muscle dysfunction, tightnesses, weaknesses and what's causing your pain. This gives us a road map on how to address these imbalances and bring you back to a "neutral" spine.

Self Assessment Protocol

Getting to the toot cause of your pain is key. Follow the short instructional video, fill out the assessment & identify the areas you need to work on. This simple yet effective protocol can be used again & again to chart your progress & design bespoke programs for your specific needs.

Daily 10 Routines

The daily 10 is a cornerstone of your progress. 10 minutes of specific movement a day using my R.M.S.S. (Release, Mobilise, Stretch and Strengthen) protocol


Big questions need great answers. In my masterclasses I go into more detail about the topics you need to know about such as posture, pain, breathing, mechanics and much much more. 


I'm big on community. When we create a positive space with men taking action it's inspires others to do the same. Holding each other accountable, progressing, having banter and a place to ask questions. It's a place where I also additional insights, training advice and cotnent.

And so much more

Within the group I have so much more resources, guides and tools. I am always on hand to share my thoughts, deliver content and to give extra help and support when needed.

Take Action & Sign Up Below To

Got Your Back

All in

For those that want more accountability, specific plan of action & the highest level of 1-1 coaching.

  • 1-1 coaching
  • Full Access to Got Your Back 
  • Access to Guides, Exercises & Masterclasses
  • Weekly Live Q&A's
  • Weekly check in's and reviews
  • Specific programming
  • Quarterly posture analysis & detailed programming structure
  • Access to my private app

"I've never been one to blindly follow advice or instructions & I don't expect you to either. I want to educate and inspire you to understand the crucial principles that will allow you to remove dependency from pain killers, physios, doctors and any other form of short term relief, so you have long term success"​

P.S.:  As much as I would love to offer you the silver bullet and claim to have "The ONE Secret To Fix Your Back Pain" I can't because that's a lie. What I do know is that it can take a bit of time, a bit of work but you can become pain free and back to normal again. I want to keep you pain free for life, that is why I'm passionate about teaching you as much as I can so you NEVER struggle with this again.

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