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Hey you… you’re doing ok

Hey you… you’re doing okHey, you!Yes you… I see you.I see you in the gym – looking nervous, anxious and self conscious. I see you coming in every day, spending 45 min on the cardio machines and then walking around going to a few different weight machines not really knowing what to do. I see you looking […]

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How to Get Over Your Gymtimidation

GymtimidationYup… it’s a real thing. Admittedly it is a term that I have come across while doing research for this article, but nevertheless, it is something I have seen and heard from my clients for years.I’ve also found some pretty sad stats about gymtimidation as well:

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My Reply to “Dear Personal Trainer”

My Reply to “Dear Personal Trainer”A few months ago a friend of mine, Aimee Holland wrote a brilliant blog post called “Dear Personal Trainer” In it she very honestly opens up & asks a potential trainer to understand her needs:I need you to reach out and tell me it’s going to be ok.I need you to […]

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