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Morning ,“I’m a Strong Independent Women That Don’t Need No Man” – I said that last night when chatting to my Mrs as she tried to open a jar,But can’t for the life of me remember what it’s from… any ideas?Anywhoo…as I was recording, editing & uploading videos yesterday I was thinking abou these instafamous fitness dudes…“Who […]

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Is Your Physio Making Your Back Pain Worse?

While doing some research yesterday I can across some crazy stats from a 2019 study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) about physio’s and their treatment methods It said that on average 43% of physios performed treatments that were not recommended That 65% of physio’s perform treatment with no recommendations and that only 54% performed treatments that were […]

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MorningMan this past week had been rough. Overwhelm hit me like a bus – motherfucker came from nowhere too, or at least that’s how it felt. I’m annoyed at myself as all the warning signs were there but I ignored them – Withdrawing into myself Abandoning my basics (daily meditation, movement & water) Being “busy” […]

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