Back Pain & Lordosis – Why It Isin’t So Simple

Busy day ahead today, so Imma keep this one brief.

As you may have seen from yesterday in our group I said I will do a video on lordosis – causes and solutions. 

From the feedback so far, this is something a lot of you will get a huge amount of value from.

Lordosis itself isn’t necessarily an injury, but excessive lordosis usually is. 

Which then begs the question… “Should I Train When Injured?”
(great question brother, glad you asked lol)

A simple equation I like to use to ansswer this questions is:

Are Force Demands >Than Tissue Capacity?

Force demands being – Daily activity, sports, lifting

Tissue capacity being: Strength, Compliance & Recovery

If demands are too high – we need to back off and lower them

If equal we will stay the sameIf demands are lower than capacity we improve

This is definitely a topic I will do another video on as well as each of the sub categories within them (especially recovery since than can be further broken down into nutrition, cardiovascular health, sleep and stress.)

I know I know, why can’t I give you a simple answer to what seems like a simple question… well, it’s because the body is so complex and the solution is multi factorial.

That is why I’ve made this new group, to cover EVERYTHING  you need to fully understand and fix your back… for good!

Right my friend, I’m off to make myself pretty for the camera, to try and not sound so mono-toned, and afterwards, edit in a full luscious hairline rather than my ever thinning one!

Alan “I really don’t wanna go bald” O’Mahony

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