What Would You Rather Do: 

Spend 10 minutes a day doing my r.m.s.s. technique or give up sport for good?

Even though you are in pain with your lower back right now, that doesn't mean you have to stop doing the things you love... if you download this guide.

As Seen In:

I wish I had that choice, because I know what I would have chosen.

When I broke my back I had to retire from being a professional Muay Thai fighter - I was devastated.


I tried moving, I tried lying still, I tried sitting: everything hurt. Over the next few weeks the pain lessened, but I was terrified to do anything in case I made it worse again.

Not only the pain, but the uncertainty had infused my whole being, taken my energy, taken any pleasure I had in life. It was exhausting, being in pain or worrying about being in pain. I felt dejected.

I went from training 5 nights a week to struggling to put my own shoes on.


I desperately wanted it to get better straight away, so that I could get back to my old life.

Through years of studying, practice and coaching I have realised that fixing your back pain is so much more than "strengthen your core" or "do some stretches"

This is how and why I created my R.M.S.S. Method - Release, Mobilise, Stretch and Strengthen.

It incorporates these 4 vital modalities to give you true relief from pain as well as long term prevention.

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