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As a human he's pretty good, walks me, feeds me, plays with me, I do wish he's shut up sometimes 



He's my favourite older brother... he's my only older brother, but whatever

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A week in... best move I've ever made, literally"

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My Mission 

Alan O'Mahony isn't sure whether to write this in the 3rd person or not. Although, Alan O'Mahony has read that it sounds more "professional" to be done so, Alan O'Mahony would prefer this to be more of an informal, casual introduction rather than an overly formal greeting. 


As you may have guessed, my name is indeed Alan O'Mahony, a personal trainer here in Edinburgh that specialises in back care. After slipping two discs and cracking my vertebrae which brought an end to a promising athletic career, I lived in pain for the next 10 years or so. Knowing what I know now, so much of that was unnecessary. 

My mission... well I've two missions, 1- to educate, and coach other men to live a pain free life through my coaching programs, and 2, to positively impact the health of over 1 million people by the year 2021.

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As part of my mission of positively impacting the health of 1 million people, I have put together a powerful guide that will help reduce back pain, improve mobility and core strength.

The plan is perfect for those men that are desperate to improve their life and get out of pain. My R.M.S.S. method will show you exactly what you need to do to.


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